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Alex Gemici

Chairman, CEO and Founder

Omar Al-Gharabally

Chief Placement Officer, President & Partner

Jeff Evans

Chief Operating Officer

Chet Tailor

Managing Director, Capital Raising

Adil Rehman

Managing Director, Capital Raising

Khalid Alkelabi

Managing Director, Direct Placements

Sarah Hillman

Director, Head of Legal & Compliance

Yazeed Abunayyan

Chief Country Officer, Saudi Arabia

Alison Fairweather

Regional Head of Compliance

Rina Nosyk

Senior Vice President, Finance

Sarah Moylan

Senior Vice President, People Operations & HR

Ugur Sarman

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Bobin Thomas

Placement Manager

Georgia Wilcox

Vice President, Business Development

Mahmood Malki

Placement Manager

Elizabeth Donaghy

Vice President, Marketing

Litesh Lalchandani

Placement Manager

Julia Maeda

Regional Projects Program Director

Anand Tanna

Senior Placement Manager

Nadine Orosa

Placement Manager

Sheldon Pereira

Assistant Vice President, Finance

Abdulrahman Alsanea

Head of Fund Placement Research

Abdulhameed Alkhateeb

Placement Manager

Hassan Alasfoor

Head of Coverage, Western Region KSA

Khaled Najim

Head of Coverage, Eastern Region KSA

Daniel Kneifati

Placement Manager

Rola Al-Shwaikh

Placement Manager

Mario El Ghaoui

Placement Manager

Dañissa De Asis

Travel & Logistics Manager

Hardeek Pattani

Research Associate

Hussain Baqueri

Business Development Consultant

Ridhi Anand

Finance Analyst

Ojaswini Kalia

Finance Analyst

Molly Waite

Executive Assistant

Miriam Sarii

Executive Assistant

Ahmed Haq

Government Relations Officer

Liz Danganan

Logistics Coordinator

Enya Mac Fadden

People & Operations Assistant
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