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Kylie Slowe Headshot

Kylie Slowe is an Associate in the Operations Division at Greenstone Equity Partners.

Ms. Slowe provides effective logistical support and superior corporate communications, coordinating with global fund managers and investors across the Middle East.  Navigation of Middle Eastern markets can be time consuming, resource-intensive and costly, thus Ms. Slowe provides connectivity and ensures effective use of client’s time while they are in the Middle East.

Prior to joining Greenstone, from 2013 to 2017, Ms. Slowe worked for one of the world’s leading financial service providers, Deutsche Bank, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as an Analyst.

As with the majority of Greenstone, Ms. Slowe has a deep affinity with the Arab World.  Ms Slowe is a South African national who was raised in the Middle East, spending the majority of her childhood in the State of Qatar and, latterly, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

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