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Middle East investors looking for the right strategies

September 29, 2019  (Dubai)

In an interview by Banker Middle East, Greenstone Equity Partners’ Chairman, CEO and Founder Alex Gemici, provides valuable insight on the current global political environment and the precarious position of the markets make existing geopolitical tension more of a risk than before.  Highlights from the interview include:

Commenting on the challenging geopolitical operating conditions, Alex Gemici said:

“Traditionally, investors of all types from High Net Worth Individuals to Sovereign Wealth Funds have invested outside the region into both traditional and alternative investment classes. This strategy has enabled them to ensure diversification from the local economies in which they have principal exposure. This thesis has not changed with the economic and geopolitical risks which have grown over the last year. Instead of reducing the flow of commitments, investors are now looking for the right strategies to shield against a possible widespread recession.”

On which sectors are currently providing the most opportunities,  Alex Gemici was quoted:

“Recently we have seen GCC investors assigning more weight to alternative products, like private debt, which offer shorter lockups as well as to funds which pay a current yield.  In order to hedge against inflation — and recession to a certain extent — income producing real estate funds are of interest to investors, especially those with underlying assets in multi-family real estate.”

Read the full interview in the October 2019 issue (#223) of Banker Middle East:  Banker Middle East

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