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Greenstone Equity Partners was founded in 2011 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by finance industry veteran Alex Gemici, Chairman, CEO and Founder. At its helm is Omar Al-Gharabally, Chief Placement Officer, President and Partner. Greenstone’s raison d’etre was forged from a dislocation in the market of underserved fund managers seeking a focused and local platform, underpinned by a long–term view, to match their market aspirations with the investment objectives of GCC based investors.

Today, Greenstone is the largest fund placement firm in the GCC, with a team of industry professionals fully dedicated to raising capital from GCC-based investors. Since its inception, Greenstone has raised billions of dollars for its clients across a variety of mandates and strategies and prides itself on fostering deeply rooted relationships with key institutional and non-institutional investors across the region including:

  • sovereign wealth funds
  • private funds
  • insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • corporations
  • multi-family and family offices
  • ultra-high net worth individuals

Greenstone has built over 1,700 MENA investor relationships and works with investment managers across various asset classes including:

  • private equity
  • real estate
  • private debt
  • infrastructure
  • venture capital
  • hedge funds
  • direct investments
  • traditional stock and bond funds
  • private wealth management accounts

Greenstone’s business growth success stems from its approach and commitment to providing institutional grade service to its clients with a concerted and relentless desire for excellence coupled with continual investment in operational development.


To be the leading fund placement firm in the GCC region. Greenstone bridges the compliance ethos of the West with the service culture of the Middle East and maximizes value for its stakeholders by applying the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.


Greenstone is the premier institutional grade fund placement firm in the GCC. We achieve this by forging grass-roots relationships and bringing end-to-end transparency, speed, efficiency and flawless execution to the process of matching our clients’ investment products and opportunities with GCC based investors who have an expressed and proven appetite for them.

While we do not guarantee success for every engagement, what we deliver to our clients is access to investors who not only have the financial ability to invest but have expressed an interest in the fund strategy or transaction represented by our clients.

Our staff put our clients’ interests first by leveraging deep regional connections with our broad network of investors such as family offices, sovereign wealth funds and investment firms. We take a studied and measured view of each assignment and offer bespoke solutions that are current, relevant and desirable for our clients.

We strengthen our institutional framework by investing heavily in the technology, infrastructure, control systems and data sources that all modern and efficient firms must possess.  Nevertheless, Greenstone recognizes that it is first and foremost dependant on its human capital for its future success and growth.


Greenstone marries the strict compliance ethos and stringent standards of professionalism adhered to by the world’s foremost financial services and investment banking firms, to a deep understanding of the GCC business culture and an unrivalled network of relationships amongst the region’s elite investors – spanning Sovereign Wealth Funds, Government Related Entities (GREs), Financial Institutions, Regional Investment Funds, Family Offices and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

Since its inception in 2011, Greenstone has maintained an unbroken track-record of year-on-year growth in total capital raised for clients.  We have been able to achieve this only because while we continue to strive for excellence, we refuse to compromise on our strict standards of business conduct and our adherence to our core values of integrity, close attention to detail, discretion, and the care with which we select the clients and investors we do business with.

We have invested years of sustained effort in forging and maintaining intimate relationships with our investor base to develop deep insight into their investment objectives and the nuances of their preferred methods of approaching investment propositions.  We greatly value the trust and respect of these highly sophisticated investors, and they know that we are correspondingly discerning about the clients and investment products that we introduce to them.

We have also demonstrated to our investor base and to the GCC market in general that our commitment and belief in the long-term prospects of the region is absolute and unshakeable.  We have continued to invest, and grow, and build our presence in the region, through good times and bad, even as much larger investment banking firms have withdrawn or retrenched.

For our clients, an introduction by Greenstone Equity Partners bears the credibility that is the fruit of years of uncompromising hard work, demonstrable commitment to the region, and the high mutual respect we enjoy with our investor base – all vital prerequisites of doing business in a region where personal relationships and trust are valued above all else.

To accomplish our mission, we instill in our staff at every level that every decision they make must be based on our core ethos and that permeating every action must be a sense of unwavering meticulousness and exemplary business conduct.

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