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Fundamentals key in identifying successful IPO investment opportunities

July 11, 2021 (Dubai)

Greenstone Equity Partners shares it’s depth and breadth of expert industry knowledge on initial public offerings (IPO), and is leading the dialogue when it comes to challenges faced by investors looking to identify companies with positive long-term prospects when listing.  Whilst IPOs are the cornerstone of modern equity markets and have the potential to provide large returns for investors, experts caution against getting caught up in the hype.  In a recent article published by the National, Greenstone’s Chairman and CEO Alex Gemici was quoted:

“To identify companies with positive long-term prospects, investors need to focus on their fundamentals, especially expected earnings growth – in fact, they should treat a newly listed company like any other and apply the same analysis.  Often, hype around a company will be punctured when it reports its first quarterly earnings after it lists.”

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