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Elina Miliuchina is an Assistant Vice President, Compliance of Greenstone Equity Partners.

Ms. Miliuchina specialises in international corporate operations, legal advisory, compliance and business formation, and has worked the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to joining Greenstone, Ms. Miliuchina worked as an Operations & Compliance Officer at Ipravo, a qualitative legal and financial management consultancy firm, where she provided regulatory support and advice in relation to incorporation, licensing and registration of companies within the UAE. Prior to this, Ms. Miliuchina worked as the Senior Legal Account Manager at BlauStein, an international legal and tax firm, where she managed portfolio accounts for corporate clients and completed KYC and customer due diligence. Ms. Miliuchina relocated to Dubai in 2017 to establish the BlauStein UAE presence and local operating office.

Ms. Miliuchina has a Bachelor of Laws in International Commercial Law from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.

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