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Jocelyne Arana is a Marketing & Communications Associate of Greenstone Equity Partners.

Ms. Arana has diverse experience working in marketing and PR for luxury brands, and financial services firms in the UK and the Middle East.
Prior to joining Greenstone, Ms. Arana was a PR & Marketing Specialist at Hoxton Capital Management, a leading international financial advisory company operating in more than five global sectors. Ms. Arana was responsible for all external and internal PR activities and increased press coverage and brand recognition significantly during her tenure.

Prior to this, Ms. Arana was a Project Coordinator at Quintessentially, where she was a key member of the events team, participating in the development and successful delivery of events inspired by marketing, PR, and brand identities. Ms. Arana worked with exciting global brands such as LinkedIn, Breitling, Hilton, Rolls Royce, Sheraton and YPO.

Ms. Arana holds a Master of Arts in Public Relations and Corporate Communications and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from Kingston University, UK.

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