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Nouraldeen Abuzayda is a Senior Software Engineer who acts as a consultant for Greenstone Equity Partners.

Mr. Abuzayda is a seasoned software engineer with over a decade of experience in backend solutions, system analysis, and team management. He has a robust technical skill set that includes PHP, Laravel, WebSocket, Unity 3D, AI and extensive experience in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality development.

Mr. Abuzayda was previously a Technical Manager at The App, where he led and mentored a team of full-stack and Unity developers, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring the successful execution of projects. Prior to this, Mr. Abuzayda served as a Senior Software Engineer at Enabill, where he consistently delivered innovative solutions.

Mr. Abuzayda holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering from Al-Hussain Bin Talal University, Jordan.

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